Having Christopher Darwiche as my mortgage broker has been one of the best things that has happened to me since I started my career in real estate ... Prior to meeting him I would struggle with different brokers, always chasing them, trying to get my clients a pre-approval or mortgage approval in time, it was like having another full-time job. Since I started working with him all those headaches went away, he is not only amazing at his job but also pro-active in communicating with me and my clients and gets my clients approved usually in record time, which I greatly appreciate. This means for me no more worries the day I’m supposed to remove a finance condition as to weather or not they’ll be approved because I usually have the approval way in advance, and for that I am so grateful
— Mayte Morelos, Real Estate Agent
Since meeting Christopher 2 years ago, I have been recommending him to all of my clients. He is knowledgeable, accurate, sharp and most importantly, he always makes his clients and colleagues a priority. As a busy Real Estate Professional, I work with all different kinds of people; from investors to first time home buyers, in both pre-construction and resale. Every buyer is different. All of them have different needs. Christopher knows how to help them not only get a good mortgage rate, but he educates them about their options. The fact that he is an independent mortgage adviser is key. He can negotiate with different banks and lenders to get my clients the best rates according to their needs. I would recommend Christopher to anyone, and it is a pleasure to work with him.
— Rossana Olivares, Real Estate Agent
Christopher stands for commitment to do his best, to problem solve and to find answers and solutions for every client. He is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Christopher cares. He works efficiently and proactively to serve the needs of each client. He is an integral part of my business. Every client I refer him to thanks me and in turn, he makes me stands out from the rest. He is always willing and able to answer any question I have regarding mortgage financing. Thank you, Christopher!
— Vivian Souroujon, Real Estate Agent
Christopher is extraordinary! He goes above and beyond in taking care of his clients. Every client that I have referred to him has always had their expectations exceeded. Not only is Christopher thorough, knowledgeable and helpful... He is a great communicator and educator. Most importantly he puts his clients needs first - ALWAYS. I know that when I send a client to Christopher that they are in the best possible hands.
— Daniella Gold, Real Estate Agent
Christopher is the epitome of professionalism and class. He is not only knowledgeable but truly cares for the well being of his clients. I have recommended him to friends and family and would tell anyone seeking an exceptional mortgage broker to look no further; everything you could want you’ll find here.
— Leah N., Client
Chris has been the go to guy for all my mortgage needs. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend him for all your mortgage needs.
— Mark A., Client
Christopher is way beyond what we ever expected, he had all the time in the world to help us!! He made sure we understood the different situations in mortgages, including printouts for visual viewing. It was awesome not being rushed to make any decisions, while feeling comfortable to ask questions...Don’t hesitate to use Christopher, with his awesome suggestions, points of view, and not to mention his outstanding knowledge, of the industry!! If you are looking for a Professional Mortgage Broker, you have!!
— Cheryl L., Client
Chris did a great job for me. I’m a small-time landlord with three pre-existing properties. He found me a mortgage on my fourth place (my new home) where others couldn’t and got a rate better than expected. He also dealt with a mistake by seller’s real estate agent and in so doing went above and beyond. I recommend Chris to all my friends (and normally don’t write reviews on sites - just this time because he deserves it).
— Thomas C., Client
Chris Darwiche is so passionate about home financing solutions that he goes the extra mile for every single customer that he meets. I have witnessed Chris’s career in the financial services and I can tell you that the guy is an authority when it comes to talk about financing the home of your dreams or the best options for investment properties in Canada. Not surprise that he has an immaculate 5-stars record of reviews. Great Job Chris!
— Luis P., Client
I had never dealt with a mortgage broker before but after my experience with Christopher, I have found a broker that I am sure to use in the future and recommend to friends and family. He is very knowledgeable in his field and I felt confident that he would obtain the most competitive rates. I am a highly-satisfied client as i felt that he made my interests a priority and he definitely went above and beyond for me.
— Carmen V., Client
I have been dealing with some mortgage specialists from major banks, but none of them provided me with the quality of service and expertise that Chris can offer. I highly recommend Chris to help find the right mortgage solution for you no matter whether you’re a first-time buyer or multi-property owner. Thank you, Chris!
— Claudia W., Client
Chris has helped my family to achieve our dreams. He made the impossible possible and now we are happy homeowners. We were so pleased with his services that we have recommended him with some of our friends, who also had satisfactory experiences. I would never think of anyone else if I need another mortgage…Christopher is a great person and the best broker I know.
— Carla D., Client
After my Mortgage experience with Christopher, I won’t look for another Mortgage Broker anymore. Outstanding service, availability 24/7, following up and giving me the best option of rates and conditions. Would recommend him to my family and friends with my eyes closed.
— Gustavo A., Client
Chris is the best, he helped us with the mortgage process from A to Z. He got us approved with excellent mortgage rate and gave us excellent advice. I highly recommend Chris, he will take care of you.
— Patricia P., Client
Christopher’s dedication and service level are second to none. Furthermore, his extensive network in the Latin American community have allowed him to become a community leader. I highly recommend Christopher when looking for advice on mortgages and home purchase.
— Roberto R., Client
Christopher always makes himself available to answer any questions, day or night. He has your best interest at heart and is clearly passionate about helping clients obtain a home!
— Mariella F., Client
Chris was amazingly helpful and professional. All my questions were answered and I am happy with the result. If you need a professional mortgage broker who will go above and beyond to meet your needs, talk to Chris!
— Tyler L., Client
Christopher is always willing to help and give you a real advice on time when investing. I trust him and all the experience he has in the field.
— Roger Y., Client
Chris is excellent at what he does! He made the process easy for us and made sure we got mortgage that was right for us. Thanks Chris!
— Rob M., Client