Services available

  • Residential Mortgages

  • Commercial Mortgages

  • Business Loans

  • Private Loans


  • I don't work for any one bank - I work for you!

  • You will have access to the interest rates the banks don’t want you to know about! VINE Group sends lenders millions of dollars of new business each month, they always offer our team the deepest discounts which are passed on to you immediately - whether you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing.

  • I shop the market to save you time - calling me is like calling over 50 different banks, credit unions and trust companies.

  • The application process is simple and quick. I will gather some of your information and then send it electronically to the lenders that I feel are the best fit for your situation.

  • I will walk you through the process of getting a mortgage, step by step, especially if you are a first time home buyer.

  • I am available on your terms - day, evening and weekends.