I am a big believer that educated decisions always outweigh rushed ones. That being said, you would think that in today’s day and age this would be very easy, and it is in some instances. However, when it comes to real estate financing it can be confusing, intimidating and at times very stressful because of all the information the market place has to offer, some of it accurate and others miss leading as much as I hate to admit.

I obtained my Honours BA – Economics at the University of Toronto and was able with that, and other experiences, start a career in banking where I learned all the ins and outs of personal financing from the obvious to the not so obvious. At the time, I was also purchasing my first home and I felt this is what created my preference to credit granting over other areas. I mean, I now had all the fine print and “back pocket” information at my disposal. I excelled quickly at the branch level and word was spreading that there was a banker that was not just helping with mortgages but also telling you what the bank didn’t want you knowing.

With that success, I decided to stay within the banking world and take my efforts to another level. I became part of a select group of mobile mortgage professionals - the only thing we did was mortgage financing and nothing more. This experience helped fuel relationships with other professionals (all sectors) in the community and gave me access to exceptions and rates that the branches could not have access to. Yes, I was still working with the same bank and it is crazy to think that within the same bank you could have access to certain exceptions and rates while others could not. As you can imagine, this also propelled my success and helped me leverage my relationship with other professionals.

Knowing all the “ins and outs” of the mortgage industry, it got to the point where I would guide clients as to what they would need to do to secure financing with other banks (assuming they did not fit the policy of my own bank at that time) to then find out that the other lenders where not being honest and upfront about rates because they did not have to. These frustrations lead me to leave the bank and become a mortgage agent giving me access to a great range of lenders.

I have built my success due to, if you will, sharing the “secrets” of the industry… If you are looking to buy your first home, refinance, renew or simply invest in the real estate market I feel that you will find the information in the website, at the very least, refreshing and open.